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Thread: Hub motor repair

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    I noticed your question on my blog too- I'm going to answer it here. My advice would be to get the manufacturer to repair it under warranty.

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    Well, duh. After all that, I realized that I could use the test method Rob described with everything in place. Power the scooter, it will power the sensors, then I just test across the ground and lead to each sensor.

    Here you go:

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    Question Which XM?

    I was wondering what XM that this motor is off of? 5000Li, 3500Li, 3100? I own the XM-5000Li and I have over 28,000 miles on the bike. However, at this time the lights do not work and the connection from the controller to the DC has no power coming to it. So I am very interested in your post here. I just found it and I have not read the entire list of comments. However, I was wondering if you ever finished your repair?


    Quote Originally Posted by teddillard View Post
    I just started tearing down the hub motor on the X-Treme scooter I salvaged, here's the first phase of the repair. I say repair with hope, and pure thoughts. Unicorns too, I have unicorns.

    I'm lazy right now, so here are a few teaser photos. There are more on the post, and I might update this post with more as they come.


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