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Thread: Anybody having service issue with a Zero Motorcycle ?


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    Anybody having service issue with a Zero Motorcycle ?

    Hi everyone !

    I encoutered several issues with Zero Motorcycles, which have been very badly handled by the company in most of the cases.

    I finally understood that, at least in Europe, Zero pressure their dealers so that they not to handle quality related issues, especially when bikes' commercial warranty is over (ie more than 3 years) - expecting customers to just leave it there. I met several customers having the same issue (ranging from a bike's wheel suddenly blocked when cruising in the highway, to repeated and long visits to the shop to fix multiple issues).

    Of course this totally unacceptable, and goes against the most basic consumer rights (whatever the commercial warranty is, you reasonably dont expect a 15.000$ motorbike to die after 20.000 kilometers, especially when it is sold as a premium and long life productt).

    Did any of you experience the same issue, or know anybody who had the same issue ?
    1 -If so how did you solve it ?
    2 -If you did not solve it you can contact me

    The idea is to support our dealers by going directly to Zero and ensuring things that should be solved quickly are really solved, so that we can keep a good experience (and also havea real second hand market, which will never materialize if customers are simply left with their issues).

    Feel free to share this message !
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