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Thread: World's first electric e-bike "scrambler"

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    OK, found a great story that describes both the beginnings of the term "Scrambler" as well as current models:
    Power in Flux: The History of Electric Motorcycles

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    I spent my teenage years obtaining all of my motorcycle information from the bi-yearly Sears Roebuck catalog that was dumped on our driveway twice a year. After checking out the women's underwear section, I would immediately move on to the motorcycle section of the catalog. The first time I ever saw a motorcycle designated as a "scrambler" was in the 1959 catalog. According to a fellow that I know who actually owned and raced an Allstate (Puch) 250cc Scrambler, those bikes were the real deal at the time and were quite capable of wining races. Unfortunately, apparently they were a little too hot for Sears' typical catalog customers and that Scrambler model was dropped by Allstate within a year of being placed into the mail-order market.

    One thing about the Puch bikes that took me 40 years to discover was how they could have only one combustion chamber and yet have two pistons. I give the Austrians credit for designing a "split-piston" single, but that didn't help Sears sell all that many motorcycles and a few years later they gave up on catalog motorcycle sales - although they did give it a try in the late 1960's, trying to follow in the footsteps of the Japanese, without much success, again. And now where are they?
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    An old buddy of mine, Dave Harte, had a Sears Gilera Sears124Gilera.jpg
    Of coarse it was cafe'd and painted racer orange! I'm sure he probably still has and rides it on occasion.
    He used to duct tape a piece of magnesium to his boot to shoot sparks down the road at night by dragging his foot... until the popo pulled him over for a safety inspection!! LOL
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