This just annoys the b'jeesus outta me, but you know how I get.

In 2009 they claimed to be the "fastest production electric motorcycle". For all their specious "Firsts" claims, see this: With 3 actual sales in their entire history, and possibly less than ten actual bikes built, the LS-218 doesn't qualify for any definition of "production" in use in the English language. Above and beyond that, the bike that set the records resembles the actual LS-218 only remotely.

Now InsideEVs is reporting they're "entering production"? So is this an admission that they weren't in production before? Or is it simply scraping the bottom of the "what are we gonna write about this week?" barrel?

The story really pisses me off when they go on to say "If anything, Lightning has been flipping the script on the typical startup, which is: 1) Market heavily, 2) Make huge claims 3) Deliver little proof." I don't see any flipping of any scripts here.

Don't get me wrong. I love the bike, I love the looks. I'd love nothing more than to see the bikes being built and sold. I'd also love, however, to see some honest communication and coverage.