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Thread: Theoretical build to get up to date

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    Theoretical build to get up to date

    So just out of curiosity, and because no one is building this bike, what am I looking at in cost for a 75kW 10,000 ish RPM motor/controller combo? I am assuming AC. And how big of a pack could you fit in a VFR frame nowadays?

    As far as frames, at a quick glance, I see smaller 600s and 650 twin frames are being used. What larger sportbike frames might be a good choice? A VFR still? I always thought a Buell frame had a lot of room too.

    Thoughts? Its been almost a decade since I have dug into the DIY stuff, so I thought this might be a good thought exercise to help get up to speed.

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    Hey, welcome back stranger!

    I did sort of the same exercise a few years ago, settled on an Emrax for the motor at the time, though there are a few other choices now (YASA probably would be my go-to): https://evmc2.wordpress.com/2014/12/...perbike-check/
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