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Thread: A dreamer joins in (for a future Honda Cub conversion, I hope)

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    A dreamer joins in (for a future Honda Cub conversion, I hope)

    Hi everyone,

    I decided to join the forum as I've for some time now been playing with the idea of building my own electric bike, inspired by the Deus Bike Build Off and the Shanghai Customs electric Honda Cub conversions. I do find the clean aesthetics quite pleasing with the stamped frame, hub motor and hidden battery. In December I stumbled upon a Honda C50 on the German ebay and decided to jump at the chance, since I'd need to see everything in detail to evaluate if there is even a chance for me to pull off some kind of a conversion to electric drive. I've got some experience on modifying a couple of 2-stroke Yamahas, but nothing electric until now.

    So the bike is a Vietnamese import, with a bit funky wiring and quite interesting frame features (kind of a combination of different production years, at least based on looking at the original Honda part diagrams).
    The bike is registered as a "light motorcycle" (Leichtkraftrad in Germany) due to the official stated top speed being 75 kph, even though the motor's only 50 cc. Which in my eyes makes it a good project for the conversion since I won't be stuck with the max. 45 kph of mopeds.

    Regarding the modification, I am aiming at something custom similar to the aforementioned eCubs. I was thinking of getting a QS 205 hub motor, preferably with a drum brake since I assume the German TÜV won't like brake system modifications much. The swingarm will need to be modified to get the hub motor axle in. For the controller, I've seen that QS suggests the Sabvoton controllers, which I guess are quite alright?

    For the battery, I was thinking of as many 18650 or 21700 cells as possible under the seat. I hope 60 V (16s) will get me a cruising speed of 60 kph on flat. And the battery should be cased and removable, as I'd like to charge it somewhere safer than the cellar I call my building space, in case it all turns into a ball of fire. Need to measure everything out inside the frame to see how much space I really do have.
    Also I need to run a 12 V system through a DC-DC converter, which I think might fit inside the original battery box on the side of the frame, just need to make the cover water proof.

    So that's it, until now I've only had the time for short test rides and figuring out the DIY-wiring so I get the head and tail light working. I guess this season will be spent still on gasoline while measuring out the frame and planning the new components.

    Any suggestions and hints are welcome!
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    Looks nice, Supercub60. That should be fun to ride around town. Best of luck with your build and let us know how it goes.
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