Hi! I'm looking for some feedback on my wiring diagram for a Sevcon gen4 Size6 with a Zero 75-7R. I'm wondering about the following:

Does the way that I've wired the key switch and on/off switch makes sense?

Do I need to have the FS1, seat, and forward all wired on the Sevcon in order for it to send power to the motor? I've been reading the manual and it's a bit unclear to me. The excerpt in the picture below makes me think that the only signals needed is the throttle and main contactor key switch.

I also plan to add a BMS and charger in there, but I'm still undecided on specific ones. Thanks for any help!

If anyone is interested my build thread is over at ES --> https://endless-sphere.com/forums/vi...p?f=12&t=95713


Wiring Diagram.jpg