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Thread: New fluoride battery design

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    New fluoride battery design

    Honda, Caltech and NASA are trying to develop another "world-beating" battery, this one based upon fluorine. (Not everyone's favorite element on the periodic table, but they are tossing in a little copper and lanthanum, too - whatever the heck that is.) If they can get it to work, the claim is that it could have 10 times the power density of a lithium battery.

    You can read a few words about it here: https://cleantechnica.com/2018/12/08...-breakthrough/
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    La is a rare earth used in flints for lighters and TIG welding electrode alloys. I think also used in special lighting for cinema filming.
    I think I read an article about this a while ago... instead of the battery "pushing" electrons out, it "pulls" them in. Interesting concept... we'll see if it has "potential" LOL
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