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Thread: Ed Gold: Electric Motorcycles

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    Ed Gold: Electric Motorcycles

    So Dice chats me up on Facebook and tells me he has this guy who is loving my book, and is putting together his own photo book on electric motorcycles and is wrapping up his interview with Dice, complete with some awesome photography:

    Yeah, that's Dice. He got ugly.

    I chat with Ed on the phone, nice guy, completely insane, but that comes with the territory. (Writing books? Photography? Traveling the world without a home taking pictures? Your call...) Anyway, since I've got not much to show for my efforts but a book on the shelf and a partially disassembled bike in the back of what used to be my shop and is now a storage container for the makerspace stuff, and he's kind of all about the photos, he elects to forego the trip to Boston and head to Florida. Can't say I blame him.

    So a month or maybe 3 go by, and here's his book: https://www.edgold.co.uk/electric-mo...WEqJc2_PqE6tfM

    It looks pretty sweet to me - thought I'd share it here... enjoy!
    Power in Flux: The History of Electric Motorcycles

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    i just spoke the truth as I see it...lmfao... and he did not edit anything I said! ahahahaha, but ed gold is a great dude with a crazy history of photo journalism... but he quickly found out how twisted the ev bike world is and the,,,experts,,, involved...lol...no where near the bible ted put together, but interesting all the same! oh yeah, I'm still out here bitches!!! and still faster too!


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