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Thread: What are my options for new batteries in 2019 ?


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    What are my options for new batteries in 2019 ?

    Hi guys,

    Been a while since my last visit/post.

    I'm still very happy with my build (pics here: https://www.facebook.com/zvexx.motorbike/).

    I'm running on 26 Leaf cells, first gen bought in September 2014, they were supposed to be new. Been riding since spring 2015 with them, never had any problems. The 26 cells are paired by 2, then the 13 pairs are in series. I can pull 600 amps peak without too much strain.

    Now, after 4 years, my range has reduced somehow, not catastrophic, but there are days I would like to ride longer and pull hard on pack.

    So I'm thinking about installing new batteries next winter, starting in October.

    What are my options in 2019 ?

    I attach a picture showing how my pack is built, with dimensions.
    Current Leaf pack.jpg

    The least amount of work for me would be to buy new Leaf cells and just swap them. I saw some here (and they seem to ship abroad, I live in Switzerland):

    But if these are not new, i might end up with not so much more range than currently.

    I would be ready to redesign the pack if i could get a significant increase in range (and not loose on peak power, i need to pull 600 amps for a second or two).

    Would this Tesla module make any sense ?:

    At 25 V, I would need 4 to reach my current voltage of around 100 volts. That would be 21 kWh, that would be awesome, compared to my 13kWh when my Leaf pack was new. They don't rate max Amps of that module, I guess they can handle 600 amps for a second or two ?

    Any other options ?
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    Regards from Switzerland
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