Hi everyone,
so I bit the bullet and actually decided to start on this project to convert my Vietnemese '76 Honda C50 to electric hub drive (in the fashion of the Shanghai Customs build).
Many thanks to "Flo" with his Sachs project, for providing me help and information on what the German authorities will be looking into, once it's all ready for the streets. Really got me motivated.

I've now stripped the bike and found a replacement swingarm from a '71 CB 125 K with 200 mm rear hub width, which I need to be able to fit the QS 205 with a drum brake (standard swingarm allows for max. 175-180 mm so it's a no-go).


Yesterday my motor arrived along with the SVMC72150 controller. I got to say that the service from QS is amazing (thanks Damon!) and I am very happy with quality.
It's a 3kW V3 50H unit with kv 13 with 110 mm drum brake, which with 60V supply hopefully will provide for comfortable 60 km/h cruising.


And it fits! Just need to open up the ends and get some axle adapters with 12 mm flats machined and welded on.


The controller will be going inside the frame where the tank used to be, maybe mounted upside-down under the cover plate. There won't be much space though, so I might need a while to plan on how to fit everything neatly inside. For the battery, I am planning for 40 Ah capacity to get decent range, which due to its size then means that it's going to go where the original motor used to be. Some sort of mechanically-solid battery casing will be necessary.

My 2 yo daughter keeps me busy as well, so bear with me if updates will not be that often. But I am excited! Once it's an actual "rolling chassis" I will be starting on the battery and electrics.