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Thread: Motor Selection for a 200cc comparable performance

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    Motor Selection for a 200cc comparable performance

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been thinking about giving a shot at converting my Yamaha FZ S and while I am at it, maybe even amp up its performance. So I did some quick calculations to choose the most ideal motor for my use case (considering cost and motor specs) to achieve the desired performance:

    1. Top speed of 110 kmph (~ 70 mph)
    2. 0-80 kmph (0-50 mph) in about 5 seconds

    My calculations for a 4:1 gear ratio and 17" rear wheel suggest a motor with instant torque of 60 Nm (~ 45 ft-lb) and a peak loaded RPM of about 5300. After digging up a little, I found ME1115 to have a similar performance (although I would have to further lower the gear ratio and maybe compromise a bit on the acceleration side).

    Hoping that I have not messed up with my calculations, I wanted to get some opinions on the motor selection and whether I'll be able to get this performance out of the motor? Any other suggestions or advises are welcome as well.

    Thanks in advance,

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    to me there is something wrong in your calculations.
    I think the motor could be choosen smaller.
    Why is there 60Nm of torque required? a 200cc 4 stroke might have what 20Nm? and usually gear ratio in first gear is still slightly lower than our elecrics anyway..
    5300 rpm sounds odd to me too, as i calculated around 4300rpm on my bike to get to roughly 70...geard 3,9:1
    so either of us both seems off.
    The ME1115 is a good choice still, as it is capable to sustain 12 Kw continous so if you live in a hilly area it will not overheat as easy as a smaller one.

    good luck keep us posted


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