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Thread: Just picked up a frame, what do I have?

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    Just picked up a frame, what do I have?

    I just picked up what I am told is a 70s Honda motorcycle frame. The seller was not able to tell me any other details and I'm not seeing any printed information on the frame itself. I'm looking to do my own electric motorcycle, I have a bit of electrical knowledge but I'm always open to the wealth of information I am sure this Farms users have. I need help in any sort of identification for this Frame. Does anybody know what I have on my hands? I couldn't resist picking it up when it was only $15


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    It looks an awful lot like an Elsinore, but a newer one like maybe early 80's
    $15 bucks is a fantastic deal especially since you got the swing arm and triple clamps with it...
    so now you get the joy of finding the wheels, brakes and fenders to go with it!
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