Hey everyone. I've been reading up here and on other sites for a couple of months now and I was hoping to get some feedback on my potential build and to make sure I understand correctly everything I've learned (lol). Thank you in advance to anyone that reads this.

The original bike is a 1981 Honda NC50. When it was alive it had a 50cc motor and a top speed of about 30 mph, I was originally going to bump up the engine to 70cc and replace several parts on it but decided to just convert to electric instead. If this goes alright, I plan to buy a standard motorcycle later and convert it to electric too.

My goal is to get the bike up to 55 mph and a minimum range of 30 or 40 miles. I'm guessing with everything on it, the bike will be 100-150lbs, rider weight of 150-200lb. The back wheel, with tire, is 18.5".

EV parts:
Motor: Motenergy ME-1305 BLDC 24-48v, 100 amps continuous, 5000 rpm ( https://www.evdrives.com/ProductDeta...E1305&CartID=1 )

15-tooth motor sprocket

Motor Controller: Sevcon G4827 ( https://www.thunderstruck-ev.com/sevcon-g4827.html )

Rear Wheel Sprocket: 32 teeth

Contactor: Tyco LEV200 ( https://www.thunderstruck-ev.com/tyco-lev200.html )

Throttle: Magura Twist Grip ( https://www.evdrives.com/product_p/thr-magura-assy.htm )

Batteries: 4* 12v 26Ah sealed lead acid batteries ( https://www.remybattery.com/ps-12260-sla-battery.html )

Main Fuse ( https://www.evdrives.com/product_p/fs-ann250.htm )

Pre-Charge Resistor ( https://www.evdrives.com/category_s/1947.htm )

Charger: tbd

Spedometer/display: tbd

So I guess my main question is: Does this combination of parts look correct to achieve my goal? Am I forgetting anything? Are there better places to buy motors and parts for cheaper? I know I could buy a cheaper brushed motor but I'd rather have brushless so I'm fine with the increase in price for that.

Additionally, what kind of charger should I get for this? Any suggestions?

Does anyone have any strong opinions on the Motenergy ME-1305 vs other motors? I was also considering the Mars 0907 BLDC ( https://www.cloudelectric.com/produc...-mars-0907.htm ) which might allow for a cheaper controller, but everyone I've read suggests a Kelly for it but that those are also apparently very unreliable - but all of that was also from 5+ years ago. Is this still true? Should I look into that instead? Or is there another compatible controller for the Mars 0907?

I'll be fabricating my own mounts and bodywork to protect the components, etc.

Thanks! Sorry if this sounds ridiculous - I'm still learning.