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Thread: Aprilia RS125 2-STROKE conversion

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    I'm with greg on this. I don't see any way to handle that sort of unsprung mass in a sports chassis.
    I could be convinced of a cruiser alright, but even the biggest sports or tourer chassis would have difficulty absorbing any impulse coming from that lump without getting upset to some degree.
    It's not a question of spring or damping rates - it's a question of there simply not being a great enough difference between the masses of the two bodies.

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    I'm not in disagreement...that's why I didn't go with a hub motor
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    I agree about hub motors for scooters and low speed commuters. As modern scooters ( with swingarm mounted motors) have shown the ultra low speeds and conservative cornering mandated by the smaller wheels , mean the large unsprung weight is not so much of a problem.
    Just fixing the damping on a bike that carries real speed will not overcome the unsprung weight problem and the large rear weight. It goes to the whole physics of the vehicle. I am not saying it can't be done, but it would require an innovative approach to the whole chassis to make it handle well.

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