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Thread: Aprilia RS125 2-STROKE conversion

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    Aprilia RS125 2-STROKE conversion

    Hi to all of you - I am new to this blog. Busy converting an Aprilia RS125 2-STROKE to electric. Have slung a QS Motor 34kW hub-mounted motor in the swingarm. Beast of a motor but I am struggling to find a matching controller. Burnt out 2 Kelly KLS 8080I 400A controllers already. Both failed to cut back on high temperature and / or shut down completely on over temperature. I now have an APT96600 controller. Anybody tried this combo? Help

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    That's a huge amount of torque for a frame designed for muich less.
    One of the greatest handling road frames EVER. Might be worth de-powering a little, though itwould be fun to ride it like it is.
    I reckon an RS250 running chassis would be a better match for that much torque.
    Would love to see a pic or better yet a track video!!!

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    I think that is a typo, it's a 4kw rated motor, probably does 12-14kw max with the new controller.



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