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Thread: Universal-ish?

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    I'm in the early stages of planning my EV project, mostly reading old threads here, and just trying to soak up information and how-to's. But I came up with a question and search results didn't yield anything.

    In a nutshell, is there a such thing as "universal" or even "slightly-more-universal-than-others" EV components? Primarily I'm talking about sizes and the mounting of components within a frame.

    For example, I've seen lots of motors with varying specifications in terms of their performance and compatibility with controllers, etc., but each one needs to be solidly bolted to a plate or some such, so is there a unique plate for every motor, or are there certain motors that could all use the same plate? Similarly, there seems to be some batteries that are more widely used than others, so are there batteries that share dimensions, but advertise differing levels of energy density?

    The basic reason I ask is easy to explain. However I spec out my EV project when I get to it, I'll get the best components I can afford, and I'm sure I'll have a bike I can be proud of, but what about a few years later when it's already outdated, and a better motor/controller/battery option is available? Or what if I just decide that I want to take my street bike to the track (unlikely for my slow ass, but still)? Ideally, I just get the newer better component and swap it in, right? But if there's no such thing as "universal" than I'm basically rebuilding the bike every time.

    Any input on this?

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    I'm on version 3.3 of my original build. Some guys on here have built many different creations.
    You will need to design, manufacture and implement all the control mounts yourself depending on what chassis you use.
    The sky is the limit. The budget is limiting.
    My build is at the point where battery upgrades in 5-6 years is hopefully all I will need to do.
    But the last ten years of building the different versions was an important and fun learning process.
    Current rides: '96 Honda Ohlins VFR, '03 Cannondale C440R, '03 Cannondale Cannibal, '06 Yamaha 450 Wolverine 4x4
    Current builds: eVOR.v3.3

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    well the motor mounting plate as well as controller space would be easylie made swapable.
    Leaving the battery pack..
    IF you can leave enough space around the pack even that should give you (hopefully ) the flex you will need in future.

    As an example as how to mount an e-mot, that could easy being swapped for one using a different mounting pattern, have a look at my build (just for ideas)
    "sachs xtc 125" here on el-moto..



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