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Thread: Hello from the uk

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    Hello from the uk

    Hello all I thought Iíd sign up and say hello. Iím a ev enthusiast from the uk and I have decided to embarking on my first ev bike build. Itís not a electric push bike, itís a hardtail motorcycle frame that I am looking to build with a recycled forklift motor.
    However I thought I would do a bit more research before I pick a motor. I have had a lot of negative comments from a couple of forums I must but I am hoping that was because theyíre not ev friendly.
    About about my project. I plan on building a bobber style ev motorbike I want to be able to travel around 80 miles on a single charge and travel at a cruising speed of at least 60 mph. Iíve posted an image of the frame. I know I have a long way to go. 😁
    Anyway I hope my project is welcome here and I hope I can find the answers to all my questions here

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    I have an old CBR F2 Chassis here with two forktruck motors in it. They do the job just fine for playing around and learning, and they're cheap and easy to control.
    So as a first effort, a fine way to cut your teeth.


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