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Thread: We made an in-depth Harley Davidson Live wire review

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    Quote Originally Posted by Electric Cowboy View Post
    So HD and those companies had some unfortunate business dealings where the smaller electric companies did not protect themselves, and ended up damaged to the point of death after trying to work with HD.

    Morgan and I spoke to Erik about the Fuell last year. We could probably do a video chat with him about it if you guys were interested.
    I would be interested in what Erik is up to with his Fuell project.
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    I d like to ask him his thoughts about electric motorcycles. His Fuel project looks to be a bike made for commuters, not really a sport influenced machine. He is so creative
    and original with his designs, I'm curious to see where he goes with this blank canvas. Not to mention that the HD review is good Segway into an Eric Buell interview!
    I'd also ask him about thoughts on a 2 wheel drive motorcycle using electrics, If he knows any of the design team over at Ohlins who worked on the 2 wheel drive Dakar Yamaha. I think pairing electric motors with a hydraulic drive train is an interesting idea to build on. I want to build an electric hydraulic 2 wheel drive sidehack!
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    OK, I'll see about setting up a quick chat about things with him.

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