This project started back in 2017. My health was debatable,and i eased out of working full time.Time on my hands has seen the K100 stripped of all things ICE,and repowered with an
Industrial 3 phase motor rewound to suit a Curtiss 1236SE 72 volt 450amp controller.
Many weeks spent in a mates workshop, on lathes and millers etc saw a new clutch hub and a adapter plate for the motor gearbox realised.

Its all bolted up in a strengthened frame,new bearings to wheels and swing arm. Rebuilt the rear drive,new brake lines and cylinder kits.
Battery pack is a bit light on at the moment. Space being a major point, i opted for the
Headway cells in a 24s 2p config.These contained in a hdpe box sitting on top of the motor.

Sevcon DC/DC converter for the bike basics,led lights.Evic instrument panel monitors the battery parameters etc. This build is good therapy,and possibably a good ride. Cheers.