Hey all-

Been lurking here for awhile. Great group! I got a Razor RSF 650w midrive for my kid and have been upgrading it. Started thinking about finding a donor bike to covert to electric and discovered the Grom Clones with 72v of SLA and 2000w hub motor.

I have a short wife who wanted a motorcycle or scooter and she likes this little electric bike. I have had a blast running around the neighborhood on it but also bought it as a platform to mess with upgrades. My hope is to mod it with a new QS hub motor, controller and battery pack, and with luck, it will get lighter and faster but I can still put it in "low mode" for my wife to ride. I am more interested in real zip than top speed but have registered it as a motorcycle so i can do short stints on faster roads.

So far I installed the fender delete, added one more SLA to go to 84 volts and have an upgraded shock to install.

I am hoping to get some up-to-date info on what controllers and battery packs people are running. I like the idea of Nissan Leaf Gen2 but can't see how i could fit the pack I want without fabricating new bodywork. This bike is small!

Looking forward to learning more about electric bikes. I spent many years wrenching ICE bikes but now am excited by doing the same with electrics.