Hi Everybody, Here's an update on my project, the Electrom.LEV.

The Electrom is an e-bike that has been designed from the ground up to offer as many of the conveniences of an automobile as possible while still legally remaining a bicycle. It can carry 100 liters of cargo or a small passenger, the Electrom also offers some weather protection for the rider as well as all of the lights and turn signals you would expect to find on a motorcycle. At the heart of the Electrom is the Generator & Chain Drive which allows the rider to pedal at a constant speed without having to shift any complicated bicycle gears.

At just 24 inches wide the Electrom can easily slip past stalled traffic like a bicycle and when you arrive at your destination you can park it anywhere you can park a bicycle.

The Electrom is designed to last with an aluminum frame and custom molded fiberglass and carbon fiber body parts. It has very few moving parts and uses mostly off-the-shelf bicycle components available in any bike shop.

Generator & Chain Drive system (GCD)
The Electrom uses a unique Generator & Chain Drive system (GCD). The GCD acts like an automatic transmission for a bike.

How it works:
The rider's energy is split and goes via two separate drive chains to both an on-board generator as well as to the back hub motor with one very low gear. The rider can help the motor get the vehicle get up to speed and to climb steep hills with direct pedal energy, but when the vehicle exceeds 15 kph The chain drive to the back wheel is in freewheel mode and all of the rider’s energy goes to the generator. The rider can just pedal at a constant cadence free from the need to think about gears while exercising and producing electricity to supplement the battery.

Benefits of the GCD system:

No Gears - It allows the rider to pedal all the time at a constant effort without the need to shift gears to match the human energy to the speed the vehicle is traveling. This is especially advantageous in stop-and-go city situations. An additional benefit is that as the Electrom has a top speed of 60 kph (electronically governed to match local laws) it would need a huge range of gears if it used a conventional drive train.

Choose your effort - Because the rider can pedal as little or as much as they want, they have the choice of working hard and sweating, or pedalling at a gentle pace with efforts similar to walking. This is a nice feature if one is on their way to work in an office situation. An added benefit of the Generator Drive system is that when the rider encounters a hill too steep for the motor to manage, the vehicle slows down to 15 kph and the freewheel engages so the rider’s energy returns to the back wheel to help the motor get the Electrom up the hill.

High quality exercise - Because the rider’s efforts are independent from the speed of the vehicle, they can pedal all the time agains a constant resistance, even when going down steep hills or slowing down. This makes for a superior quality of exercise. The Electrom’s peddling station is mounted high enough off the ground that there is no possibility of pedal-strike on tight corners which adds to the time one can spend pedalling.

Low maintenance - While the GCD may sound complex, the mechanisms that make it work are quite simple and time-tested. Because the drivetrain is under very little stain it does not stretch or wear out like a conventional bicycle drive-train and requires very little maintenance.