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Thread: Problem with Hub Motor Kelly Controller (brushless)

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    Checking in to see if anyone has had any luck or made any progress. I have tried Nuts and Volts' workaround, but have had no success at 12,18, 24, 0r 48V. Any new suggestions?

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    Working on wiring my electric boat using a Kelly PM48 permanent magnet controller. I am having the same problem. The controller powers up fine, then when throttled up, the prop gives a little twitch (in the correct direction in both forward and reverse) then stops and throws an error code. At first I interpreted it as 1-3,low-voltage, but that can't be right. All of the accessories are powered off of the same battery bank, and there isn't room for another one.

    I will be incredibly dissapointed if the controller won't work in this configuration.

    Has there been any progress towards solving this problem?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for an isolated dc-dc converter for supplying the controller? My battery bank is 36v, and the low-voltage cutoff for the controller is 19V according to the manual. Frankly, it's bullshit that I have to do this type of work-around to make a controller work out of the box.

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    WOW! I just noticed how old this thread was from the OP... I would try what they found works first just to see if you can get yours working, then experiment with an isolated DC-DC like a Vicor and post an update if you can make that solution work. Sorry, I have no experience with Kelly.
    Well, actually there was one Kelly.... that was a loooooong time ago though LOL
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