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Thread: Looking for Headway 40160S info

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    Quote Originally Posted by eronsilva View Post
    Frodus, I got a quote of from Perm-Motor in Germany for their PMS-80 motor (see attachment for details), which gives 1,4kW at 6000 rpm in 48 Volts (I intend to use LiFePO4, "manzanita here I come" ).
    The motor is pricey - 629 Euros. That notwithstanding, can you give me your "guesstimate" as to what kind of performance do you think I could expect from a byke weighting about 110kg, me weighting 90 kg, on a round-trip commute of 30 km on level or mildly inclined highway?

    2- I would really like to work on 48V. Which other motor (beside AMD) could do the trick, and cost less than the german?
    no attachment, don't know a ton about that motor, and I'm in the US and have to convert all those units.... I found the datasheet though

    13 Nm is NOT much torque, 1.4kw not enough for a motorcycle in my opinion. Not powerful enough.

    the price is spendy, and that doesn't include a controller. If cost is an issue, Consider a brushed motor. BLDC motors/controllers can get spendy.

    What do you mean AMD? I'm not familiar with that.

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    Totally agree on the PMS-80, weedy for the price. Light though at 3.2kg.

    AMD - I'm guessing Advanced Motors and Drives, the series wound big fellas.

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