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Thread: Elmoto v2.0 Data sheet

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    This is really cool, thanks to everyone who has put so much work into it!

    Had built up something pretty similar years ago using the equations from Bob Brant's EV book, lots of fun to play with

    I don't know if its ever been discussed, but I think something that would make this an even more powerful tool particularly for new comers is to start building up a database of standard components. I always liked how this old EV calculator had a bunch of common vehicle, battery, motor and controller choices built in to use as a starting point.

    Its great to be able to manipulate the numbers by hand, but IMHO coming up with reliable/realistic inputs is one of the trickiest parts of this kind of modeling. Since a lot of folks will likely be using various combinations of the same handful of components, it would be awesome if every user didn't have to scrounge up the same numbers from the internet and re-invent the inputs at least for the most common components!

    Looking forward to spending some "quality time" with this spreadsheet


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    Link is broken again (not sure for how long). You can still get it on my site, but would be nice to have it somewhere more permanent.

    - Noah Podolefsky -
    The GSX-E

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    Hi everyone,
    im Flo from Munich Germany. The new guy around here.
    A Spreadsheet like this is just what i need at the bgeinning of my conversion of a xtc 125.
    Still some values and graphs do not make too much sense for me but its better than an educated guess.
    So if using either the me0913 or the me1115 what torque figure should one enter? at 25 lifepo. Any pointers?
    aditonally i do not get the accell and 1/mile numbers. why should i enter these? should not that be generated by the sheet? what am i missing.
    Thanks in advance for your help - and forgive any misunderstandings- i am not a native english speaker so it is sometimes a bit harder/arquard with and for me -LOL.
    Once i start i will of course post an conversion thread.



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