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Motor Guzzi

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Electric Moto Guzzi Project
  1. DSC04836
  2. DSC04838
  3. DSC04837
  4. DSC04820 
The Speed Hut gauges mounted.  Amp meter is a 0 6000 RPM tach driven by an Auto Block AMP from Recharge Car.  The AMP also drives the...
  5. DSC04776
  6. DSC04782
  7. DSC04756
  8. DSC04742
  9. DSC04728
  10. DSC04725
  11. DSC04722
  12. DSC04695
  13. New battery covers  for the GBS cells 
  14. DSC04666 (2)
  15. DSC04676
  16. DSC04657
  17. DSC04675
  18. DSC04662
  19. DSC04658
  20. DSC04623  Right side toolbox will house bootstrap battery (1.3 ah 12V) and Elite BMS components
  21. DSC04621 K&S handle bar controls.  Since we started with a bare frame, we have to source/scrounge all the components.
  22. DSC04620  FSO wiring  (figure stuff out) trying to decide the best wire routing
  23. DSC04619 Franken wiring
  24. DSC04618 OEM Moto Guzzi Key switch
  25. DSC04617 Prototype control box
  26. DSC04616 Pot Box
  27. DSC04615 Battery Charger
  28. Battery tray detail
  29. Looking forward
  30. 4276
  31. Front Crash bar in position
  32. Batteries will be slightly narrower than the original transverse V twin
  33. DC-DC converter will fit in triangle shaped space behind the steering head
  34. Lotsa batteries...
  35. Checking clearance for the batteries.
  36. Motor mount is tacked in place.  Front support is also taking shape.  Now for the battery mounting....
  37. Close up view of motor connect to drive shaft.  Mounting plate is not yet welded.
  38. First test fitting of the motor connected to the drive shaft
  39. Coupling reassembled to u joints with new bearings and crosses
  40. DSC04221  Taper Lock hub with 7/8" bore for the AC-20.
  41. DSC04223  Need to install the new cross and needle bearings.  These are the stock Moto Guzzi u joints.
  42. DSC04225  Back from the machine shop all welded up.
  43. Bike will have front and rear crash bars and full size Guzzi saddle bags.
  44. Bottom frame tubes were lengthened and widened to fit the GBS 100AH cells.  It's going to be close but with careful packaging a 100AH 96V (10KWH)...
  45. Seat and tank are hinged at the rear to flip up for easy access.
  46. image. Seat, tank (electronics cover) and headlight shell.  The frame is from a Moto Guzzi ElDorado 850.  The bottom rails have been lengthened so...
  47. DSC04220
  48. DSC04219
  49. DSC04215. Tapered hub and Guzzi U joint yoke are at the machinist now being welded up.  This will fit the  .875" shaft of theAC 20 motor.
  50. DSC04213  The Taper Lock hub and adapter before welding to the u joint yoke
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