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2009 Ninja 250R Conversion


Videos on youtube - search for "Barron Greig"
Motor: Agni 95 reinforced
Batteries: 3P24S of A123 20AH prismatic
Main Wiring: 2AWG welding cable
Controller: Kelly KD72601
BMS: Goodrum/ Fechter
Contactor: Tyco Kilovac EV200
DC-DC: Sevcon 72V in, 13.5V out, 25A
Transmission: Single speed, 2:1 reduction from motor to jackshaft via Gates Carbon GT belt. Stock Kawasaki chain and sprockets.
Instrumentation: Cycle Analyst
Other: Motor temperature monitor, timed power disconnect when sidestand down. Picaxe microcontroller used for both functions.
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