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  1. motor cooling. redux. again.
  2. Stuff Iíve Learned- Hub Motors
  3. A Short Primer on the History of the Etek Motor, and Other Tales...
  4. Axial vs. Radial air gap motors
  5. Can we construct a powerfull motor?
  6. Series Parallel Switching - DC and AC
  7. Torque vs Hp
  8. Keyway material for motor/sprocket
  9. Questions about electric motors.Volts vs Amperes
  10. Steel or Aluminuim for Motor Mount
  11. 2 motors-1 throttle
  12. Basic Motor Theory
  13. Comparing motors
  14. brush advance
  15. Sprockets...
  16. Does anyone know anything about the PERM 156 motors?
  17. jumper cable?
  18. 10 Minute ETEK Motor Teardown
  19. Dual motor setup, what have we learned?
  20. How to check RPMs on electric motors.
  21. AC 15 vs AC 20 on Curtis 7601
  22. Yasa-400
  23. HP Ratings- Comparing ICE and Electric
  24. Proper Gearing for ME-1003
  25. AC-20 cooling
  26. Basic Motor Question- voltage
  27. Etek motor seizing or binding
  28. hub motor's
  29. A spherical motor/generator
  30. Hmm... Netgain Warp11 in an "elmoto"?
  31. Thoughts on Emrax
  32. Buying Used Motors
  33. Choosing a Motor
  34. New Motenergy (Mars) brush holder update
  35. AC-20 - which way is reverse, and forward ?
  36. eAssist AC Induction Motor
  37. New data on HPEVS site
  38. AC-20 Optimal Voltage
  39. Agni motor servicing videos by Jozztek
  40. Advice before sprocket change
  41. Motor Cooling and Testing
  42. Plettenberg 150kW motor
  43. Motor cooling after parking
  44. Help with Motor sizing for a motocross bike conversion
  45. Pairing up Motenergy motors...
  46. Motorbike specific motor configuration
  47. Briggs and Stratton Etek Motor, lumpy at low revs?
  48. Etek running lumpy at low RPM (2nd attempt at post)
  49. Math to determine motor requirements?
  50. Classic Motor Movies
  52. Mars ME0708 Brush-Type Permanent Magent Motor
  53. New Badass Motor from Electric Motorsport: PMAC liquidcooled 38KW (redux)
  54. ELMOTO Motor
  55. YASA Motors anyone?
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  57. 90 kW Tri Phase motor on Ebay
  58. Idea to ventilate my motor
  59. ZF 75-7 dimensions
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  61. What is the difference?
  62. AC-20 Cooling
  63. Max temperature for an ADC 6.7" motor
  64. Slip rings?
  65. bldc motors
  66. Agni95 (not R) ?
  67. Voltage, high or low?
  68. Agni current leaking
  69. Where to buy Motenergy or Mars in europe
  70. ME0913 or ME1115?
  71. Understanding induction motors, volts, and speed
  72. Help with my Remy motor
  73. AC-23 or new oil cooled motors from HPEVs?
  74. ME1003 Specs
  75. Dual motors: How difficult to control?
  76. Where to buy sprockets
  77. Voltage Vs RPM
  78. How much LifePO4 battery and What would be the range for AC-23
  79. 3d Printed magnets - could this bring about new motors ?
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  81. Searching for a motor..
  82. HPEVS encoder
  83. Pulley for AC-23 Motor with harley wheels
  84. QS Hub Motors
  85. Dual Hub Motor Front and Back
  86. Reading current frequency and amplitude from motor phase to convert to audio signal
  87. Best ~10kg motor at the moment?
  88. Rv-160pro vs agni/lynch
  89. Agni Motor short brush life?
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  92. Please help!!! AC-23 European EMC Test
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  96. AC Variable Speed Motor wiring
  97. motor/controller recommendation for bike similar to zero fx 7.2?
  98. Gas motor complexity vs Electric motor simplicity
  99. Is Enertrac Corp. legit?
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  101. Open source brushless motor
  102. Brushes... mildly nasty and really nasty
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  104. Lambretta conversion
  105. Trying to buy an Emrax 228
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