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  1. Video of the Original Norton Electra
  2. Possible new EV project
  3. How about a Ural copy?
  4. Insurance
  5. EV maximum range standards
  6. Happy Birthday BrammoFan
  7. the RC Chronicles...
  8. Elmoto.net bumper sticker sightings.
  9. - Recover of some old Threads.
  10. Electric Taxi - China
  11. Public Chargers for Electric Motorcycles
  12. Solar Roadways
  13. Relative Safety
  14. Smart Phone Dyno App
  15. Batteries and 90 degree weather!
  16. No parking brake?
  17. Fund set up for Matt Deickmann
  18. E Bike Design Project (6 weeks)
  19. Thanks, Ed, and I'm sorry to see you go.
  20. Im Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack
  21. The Zap Xebra
  22. Distance or Endurance Records on EV Bikes
  23. Home charging of electric vehicles
  24. EVs in Consumer Reports
  25. Nissan Leaf
  26. A Zap Xebra....what the heck is it.... really?
  27. Repost - How many miles did you get from ETEK-R brushes? 700 miles?? Battery cost/mil
  28. A blast from the past!!!! Juiced and some the gang....from WAY back when.......
  29. Sparky's helpful hint of the week
  30. Repost - gasfreeearth - Best Electric Motorcycle and Electricity Grid Relationship?
  31. Triumph 800 submitted to CA EPA for approval
  32. The Hyundai BlueOn EV
  33. Make sure your taillight isn't out......
  34. EV Components is still around???
  35. O.k... I've gotta ask...
  36. Tesla coil fun
  37. Toyota to electrify the RAV4
  38. Stupid question #2
  39. How about this for a motor?...
  40. What the LED lights on the Modalis BMS (by Native/Electric Motorsport) mean ..
  41. Why Prius batteries last 350K miles but Vectrix batteries only 23K miles, SLA less
  42. POLL: How long did the BMS last before it failed on your electric 'cycle?
  43. Failsafes
  44. Pretty good deal on a Magura Throttle
  45. Saving Earth
  46. Saab 9-3 ePower sport wagon
  47. I Know its not Electric related but anyway
  48. Tangential question on asbestos in brake pads...
  49. Solid Ground T Shirts
  50. Peugeot EX1 concept electric vehicle to set mouths drooling
  51. My Zapino is acting wonky, any ideas?
  52. Solar Power Plant News
  53. Wrap electrical wires in tin/aluminum foil may increase voltage/current -- Youtube
  54. 2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
  55. Seek CAD model for any yamaha motocross frame
  56. Getting that spark of learning from your efforts (Fuse that Project!)
  57. Using your tools as a Plasma experiment....
  58. Suzuki e-lets electric scooter and Chinese EV Police bikes for sale
  59. What one M/C salesman thinks of El Motos
  60. LinkedIn ??
  61. This is why...
  62. Wiring without a 12V aux battery?
  63. LIVES PER GALLON author claims that sitting on a gasoline car is slowly killing ..
  64. Tonight: American Chopper "Lawless Drag Bike Part 1"
  65. Help send Matt Dieckmann's electric motorcycle to the TTXGP final!
  66. Paris Auto Show
  67. Electrical charging station standard
  68. Segway theorycrafting
  69. Are diesels cleaner than electric vehicles?
  70. Email notifications of thread replies...
  71. Reply Problems
  72. More on tools
  73. Chip Yates' KERS
  74. Etek Motor Originals
  75. New Tesla Battery Pack
  76. Purdue EV News
  77. Tesla Recall
  78. Well, guys, pleasure to meet you, but...
  79. EV purchase perks
  80. How GM "Lied" About The Electric Car
  81. Hey EVcycle....
  82. Another reason to ride electric
  83. The Future of Motorcycles Survey
  84. Moto Guzzi donnor - shaft transmission
  85. SafePlug pay-per-use outlet provides recharging on the road
  86. Employee fired for charging scooter at work
  87. Happy Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day!!!
  88. A Trip Down Market Street in 1906
  89. Two wheel drive motorcycles
  90. Calling all Flux Junkies- tell it like it is!
  91. Frame design...
  92. Contactor gets pretty hot??
  93. Shout out to Hollywood Electrics
  94. Chat?
  95. Favorite Electric Motorcycle Projects
  96. Volvo developing fuel cells for extended range EVs
  97. "Motorcycle Adventurer" book review
  98. Voting?
  99. Electric DeLorean and other e-cars
  100. GE to jumpstart EV market
  101. Selling EVs is a tough business
  102. How do you feel about electric motorcycles?
  103. If I wasn't in to EVs ....
  104. favorite lines from CraigsList
  105. BMW to build an electric car
  106. Charge relese date?
  107. In need of some ElMoto heap good mojo.
  108. Veteran Roll-call
  109. Corbin Electric Bike
  110. Motorcycle History
  111. Today's EV news tidbits
  112. corrupted another one...
  113. Sinclair X-1
  114. Hyosung ST e3 electric scooter
  115. Pulse Jet Motorcycle
  116. EV causes $1.1 million fire damage
  117. GE EV charging station ad
  118. 2010 San Mateo, CA, Motorcycle Show Report
  119. IPOs: GM vs Tesla
  120. Electric Drive Train Simulator (EDTSim)- anybody use this?
  121. EV fuel mileage claims
  122. Charging profiles / smart chargers
  123. Cell balancing questions
  124. E-Tracer Test Ride
  125. Triac EV reverse-trike
  126. Transformers all the rage!
  127. EV Bike power efficiency?
  128. Which is better ....Volts or AH?
  129. Lets increase the gas tax
  130. Battery side current draw / State of Charge measurement
  131. Today's news - Tesla, Nissan, China solar & I-MiEV
  132. On-board charger... Or not?
  133. Consumer Reports EV purchase survey
  134. Infrastructure: The Grid
  135. Kandi car has no charger, but removable pack
  136. Question about energy density
  137. What's a capacitor bank for
  138. Whatever happened to the Vectrix?
  139. Schematic Software
  140. Tesla Chicago!
  141. Whatever happened to the Japanese manufacturers?
  142. Kia Pop EV concept car
  143. 1st production Leaf delivered
  144. Thanks Mike (Elmotomaster)!
  145. Closing down ElMoto Ads
  146. PopSci articles of interest
  147. Battery design breakthroughs?
  148. 1957 Triumph Factory Video
  149. Free Brammo- cool
  150. O.k., I think that I can finally breathe life into this Frankenbike...
  151. Changing light bulbs - today's chuckle
  152. Motorcycle Songs
  153. Woman motorcycle riders
  154. The countdown begins tomorrow.
  155. O.k.... now that I've gotten this madness to work... why does it work?
  156. First Leaf owner's 336-mile report
  157. Video of my project
  158. Any of you guys work on cars?
  159. Awesome New Site Header/Logo
  160. Rail Gun Jet Catapult
  161. El Moto sales and other EV news
  162. The Cushman Minute-Miser
  163. Gas autos hogging EV charging station parking spaces
  164. Questions on the Tyco Kilovac EV200AAANA contactor
  165. First post of 2011 ! Happy New Year
  166. Aerodynamic improvements
  167. Cell temperature sensor
  168. So what is better for top speed?
  169. E-car deliveries off to a very slow start
  170. Battery charger connections
  171. Rallys and Events?
  172. News from Texas Instruments
  173. Ford Focus plug-in
  174. Juice Cafe - Time to trim the fat....or do we?
  175. Ford to hire 750 electrical engineers
  176. Any of you guys have to drill through the frame?
  177. H2 and EV news
  178. CA power rates not favorable to EVs
  179. Toyota developing a non-rare earth electric motor
  180. Building vs Buying Pros and Cons
  181. So what chain and drive sprocket do I need?
  182. If I only had unlimited money...
  183. Another reason to go electric
  184. Alumiweld, a viable alternative for the non-welders?
  185. Top Gear - Ariel Atom vs BMW S1000RR
  186. Derbi GPR/Aprilia RS50
  187. Are electric vehicle batteries unsafe?
  188. GPR-S Insurance renewal
  189. Energy Element Committee Meeting today in Charleston SC
  190. First electric Smart car in the country
  191. RC at 135mph
  192. Shift
  193. Wiring Diagrams
  194. Got to drive a Tesla Roadster today....sort of.
  195. ElMoto Blog Roll
  196. IRS EV tax credit problems
  197. Whoa! What was that?
  198. What was the weirdest/best reaction that you've gotten?
  199. Opto-isolated PWM signal
  200. Postage to Australia
  201. Investing in EV
  202. Made the local news
  203. Where are my cheap lithium batteries?
  204. Whats a brand new in the crate 2010 ZERO S worth?
  205. Speed / Torque / Gearing questions
  206. Custom Fighters people are cool!
  207. Mubarak steps down
  208. Electric skateboard and the Tron cycle
  209. OPOC gas engine claims 40% efficiency
  210. Electric Hemp-mobile
  211. Something I've never really understood - battery vs. motor current
  212. An ICE Bike of the Year Article that gives some interesting numbers and charts
  213. AC Battery vs Motor current.
  214. HELP! - Talk for "engineering and society" class
  215. Mechanical flying humming bird spy drone
  216. Why do you El moto?
  217. Proposed Oregon EV odometer tax
  218. Getting a Green Job: Recruiters?
  219. What's your favorite electric forum?
  220. FedEx Serious about EV's
  221. Throttle delay?
  222. Riding slow
  223. Headway vs the rest (in theory)
  224. Top speed?
  225. 2-wheel drive
  226. 150 million answers to our question?
  227. Motor data sheets
  228. Cruise power draw
  229. Can Thunder Sky LiFePO be mounted on their sides?
  230. Witch doctor v Pandemonium Bots IQ 2011 (pwned)
  231. Relay question
  232. Renault Twizy
  233. Faraday's law sim
  234. Another Chinese electric car
  235. Mission Motor contacts
  236. Moving to Oz
  237. Learn me MOSFETS
  238. What do you tell people...
  239. Hall Effect and a Alltrax AXE
  240. More Tesla Model S news
  241. Consumer Reports reviews the Volt and Leaf
  242. All charged up and nowhere to go.
  243. 1 MW laser gun
  244. Personalized License Plates
  245. Japan Disaster Relief
  246. Horatio's Drive
  247. Nissan's car and battery production plans
  248. Mitsubishi has big EV production plans
  249. Titling a bike
  250. Nissan LEAF test drive