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  1. EnerTrac 600 series In wheel Motor
  2. some new hobby motors
  3. motors- what are you using?
  4. Paul and Sabrina's Open ReVolt (or Cougar?) Controller
  5. New Marrs Motors! part 2
  6. New Marrs Motors!
  7. picoamps torque control module
  8. Is my controller dead?
  9. Charger Decisons
  10. Battery mounting...
  11. Flooded NiCad Batteries anybody?
  12. Question: any wet throttle problems?
  13. Permanent Magnetic Motor top speed on 3kw?
  14. 6 chargers for 72v system
  15. R/C motors
  16. Charging Docks reviewed in Popular Science
  17. QM Power- new motor design
  18. BLDC Motor Controller Options?
  19. Battery purchase problem
  20. 110V AC motor specs- for gas conversions
  21. Golden motor
  22. Agni 190r
  23. This one's for all you gearheads
  24. motorcycle salvage yards
  25. big hub motors?
  26. Transmission
  27. LiPO Batteries from HobbyKing
  28. Battery Mounting
  29. CellLog 8 Connectors
  30. Lithium battery help needed for non bike project
  31. Where do you buy kawasaki kdx dirt bike parts?
  32. Headway C rate? (from olde Elmoto thread...)
  33. Wire/Cable Management Solutions?
  34. Valence Batteries for sale on ebay from Brammo
  35. Lithium Iron Phosphat Lecture - CMU
  36. battery cooling... and heating?
  37. Thundersky Battery Orientation
  38. New germ powered battery
  39. Solar battery charger
  40. Cell failure questions
  41. Charger to bike connector
  42. Perm 132 motors on Ebay
  43. Kelly Controllers
  44. LED automotive bulbs $3 ea
  45. Controller Max Voltage?
  46. SAE J1772 charge port
  47. Audi full-LED headlights
  48. TTXGP bikes' emergency cutoff switches
  49. Brush Motors ne good?
  50. DC-DC Converter Advice
  51. Turnigy vs. Headway.
  52. Help identifying charger and tweaking output
  53. Anyone need a D&D electric motor?
  54. Need a Ford Siemens Traction motor?
  55. Vicor DC/DC Convertor
  56. Question regarding battery current output
  57. Parts sources
  58. Objective dyno tests show Hawker Genesis SLA near Lithium battery output
  59. 48V DC/DC Vicor converters
  60. Duracell Bike
  61. Any way to shrink swollen Thundersky LIFEPO4 batteries? Caused by low voltage?
  62. What's up with lead? New developments?
  63. SAFT battery geekout thread
  64. Bolt sizes for KD72401...
  65. Custom made instruments
  66. Battery recycling
  67. 8AH RC LiPo!!!!!!
  68. Fuse "broken", not "burnt"
  69. Which High Amp Chargers or workarounds for "needy" Odyssey batteries?
  70. What's the bleeding edge that I can actually buy?
  71. Understanding a BMS -- reasons for and against them
  72. BMS grades / types / categories
  73. How it's made lithium ion batteries
  74. Noticed any smells from Thunder Sky/Winston LFP batteries while charging?
  75. Pros and cons of different motor types
  76. Instant full throttle bad for controller?
  77. Kiss my BMS
  78. Question about series-parallel packs
  79. How much power do I need?
  80. MiniBMS review
  81. 12 V LiFePo4 auto batteries?
  82. Etek RT motor squeak
  83. How much can a Buss 250A 32v fuse really handle?
  84. Apex riser clip ons
  85. CHL Lifepo4 battery?
  86. Battery pack voltage sag
  87. Comparison of Headway 4P and Calb 40AH cells
  88. A source for new Hi Power batteries
  89. Catavolt and the EnerTrac 602 forced air cooled motor
  90. Gauges: What do we need vs what do we want?
  91. Its fun riding bareback!
  92. Turnigy LiPo Data
  93. Capacitor and battery research
  94. Boost converter?
  95. LED headlights?
  96. Inductive Converter Balancing
  97. Nice single cell 10amp Lifepo4 charger
  98. Belt drive
  99. Sevcon announces their new G4 controller
  100. Comparison of motor curves
  101. Throttles: Potentiometer versus Hall Effect
  102. How PWM controllers work
  103. A123 prismatics becoming available.....
  104. Anybody disassemble a Kelly esc?
  105. Chargers for all!
  106. I guess Lifepo4 is temp sensitive too...
  107. Leyden says they can make a better Li-on battery
  108. Noah's inertia dyno project
  109. MiniBMS isolation?
  110. Steel brake lines
  111. Leaking (venting?) AGM?
  112. chain jump
  113. Body panel capacitors
  114. MIT Students Develop Liquid Fuel for Electric Cars
  115. GBS Discharge curves
  116. Possible new motor/controller source
  117. Cable sizing - efficiency, cost, convenience
  118. DSD/Oxford YASA 3-speed Powertrain
  119. Kelly series regen controller?
  120. Manzanita MK3 BMS Review
  121. AGNI 95 shell at pack ground
  122. Testing individual cells
  123. Need some Valence Li-Ion batteries?
  124. Chargers, what's the deal with them?
  125. Calb appears to have new higher power line coming out....
  126. Help needed with Hipower BMS!
  127. Cleaning up the rear
  128. Anything wrong with DC-DC always on?
  129. New Alltrax SPM controllers
  130. Sprockets Sprockets Sprockets
  131. LiFePO4 48v 40ah
  132. Battery bus bar sizing
  133. Golden Motor 10kw water cooled... any info?
  134. sprockets
  135. importance of contactor
  136. SWIGZ bike parts and pieces ("after-action report"?)
  137. Recycling Batteries
  138. A123 piggyback packs
  139. New High Performance Lipo Cell!
  140. New higer voltage dyno plots for Motenergy ME0709
  141. Lipo DIY module for 12S2P
  142. New batteries for scooter
  143. The Motor Mount Thread
  144. Product check- Cycle Analyst etc?
  145. Connector spec and application comparison
  146. Wire locking blocks?
  147. Sevcon calibrator on eBay
  148. Motenergy (and John Fiorenza) ROCKS!
  149. The Transmission Test: the last word?
  150. Adjusting Ohlins suspension
  151. motor and battery questions
  152. How strong of a chain do we need?
  153. Chain efficiency
  154. Battery box mounts?
  155. Turnigy charger instructions
  156. Motors - How to get torque?
  157. Battery Temperature
  158. Useful Parts
  159. Fundamental charger-pack voltage questions
  160. Magnetic Gearing
  161. Deltran announces a Li battery tender
  162. Testing kelly controllers
  163. Question about choosing controller and battery pack
  164. Volt batteries catch on fire
  165. Bad Vicor ... or?
  166. Inside a LEV200 (and meet the twins)
  167. Cyber Monday sale at Manzanita Micro 7am-12pm PST
  168. right contactor?
  169. Batteries I am going to use.
  170. Lipo discharge and V = SOC?
  171. got a ETEK or Manta Motor?
  172. Cell Protection Boards for LiPo
  173. Car alternator's on my Green Thang!
  174. Tyco EV200 Contactor
  175. ME0709 or Manta Motor
  176. Question for the EV Veterans
  177. Question about DC DC
  178. Curtis 1311 HANDHELD PROGRAMMER I need one!
  179. A new electric motor manufactuer?
  180. Motenergy Motor in Zero 2012 Bikes?
  181. Transmissions. yeah.
  182. EV Battery Life
  183. Supplier of Throttles and Switches
  184. New CA proposed battery charger efficiency regulations
  185. Curtis full color LCD touchscreen interface for AC controllers
  186. Belt Drives
  187. ceramic bearings
  188. OH NO Transmission Again - NOOoooo
  189. Transmissions in Use
  190. Custom sprocket makers?
  191. Mini BMS anyone ?
  192. Setting up a charging timer, inductive vs. resistive loads?
  193. Sevcon 300W DC-DC P/N
  194. A Tranny with balls
  195. Transmission simulating gizmo
  196. BMS from Elektromotus
  197. Are contacters necessary???
  198. Genius Chargers....
  199. where to buy (not EMS) the rear brake master cylinder for the Native Z6 (Z6000) elect
  200. Opinions on CAD Software
  201. Magura throttle adaptation
  202. Zivan NG1 older style connector
  203. miniBMS cooling question
  204. 420 chain FAIL
  205. Cables and connector sizes
  206. Small cable reel?
  207. Powerlab 8 charger from Revolectrix.com
  208. Orion BMS Q&A Thread
  209. Cheap battery charging
  210. Which tablet PC is best for elmoto dashboard ?
  211. Recommendations for table-top drilling-milling machine
  212. Normal to have 6.5 Volts on USB port, no load ?
  213. Sprocket ratio consensus?
  214. Thermoelectric generators
  215. Charger Options
  216. Looking for internal throttle
  217. Transmission design question
  218. Connecting Harley D. electronic throttle (fly-by-wire) to Curtis controller
  219. Kill switch to kill controller or kill contactor ?
  220. Mounting PCB for Lucent LW020B871?
  221. How to attach this sprocket to my motor shaft ?
  222. Aluminum rear sprocket as brake disc?
  223. Transmission Thread? Or Empulse Thread? You decide...
  224. Main Contactor Choice and Supplier - Help Needed
  225. ABS anyone ?
  226. Xena XX10 Disc Lock Alarm review
  227. Analog gauges
  228. Autopsy of a Welded EV200 Contactor
  229. motorcycle tires, crr
  230. Bosch home charger
  231. New "Sound Camera", shows you the source of noise.
  232. Inductors for Phase leads
  233. Motorcycle chain replacement
  234. Elite Power Solutions - Energy Management System?
  235. Hall effect throttle replacement & upgrade
  236. So simple, and yet...
  237. How a transmission works video
  238. DI-NOC Carbon Fibre Vinyl review
  239. fuse help
  240. Cheap and reliable DC/DC high voltage isolated converter
  241. Transmissions: Actual Use
  242. On-board charger?
  243. Carb Jet Needle Adjusting
  244. Keyed switch
  245. Is this Australia's first legal LED Headlight?
  246. Belt drive conversion with Zero parts?
  247. Cold weather handlebar muffs
  248. EMW's SmartCharge-12000 EV Charger
  249. GoPro for stills
  250. Good deal on kickstarter for a OBD link via wifi from Scantool