View Full Version : Mit tt zero 2011

05 March 2011, 0713
A bit of info on the MIT eSuperbike entry for the 2011 TT ZERO.
Looks like they could do with some of you rich fellas' sponsorship too :)



05 March 2011, 1017
Nice! Thanks for the link. Here's some more info on them via the main page: http://web.mit.edu/evt/esuperbike.html

05 March 2011, 1931
Thats some nice looking chargers they use :)

05 March 2011, 1943
Oohhh, I don't know about the chassis they chose. I mean these are MIT folks, so who am I to argue, but Mark Miller had a bitch of a time at the TT last year on the BMW. He did say it was awesome on a race track, but that Honda's seemed to be the best handling bikes on the TT last year. But now that I give it a bit more thought, maybe the twitchiness will be a benefit and not a hindrance at the slower 100mph laps.


05 March 2011, 1958
Well I have a local dealer offering me a complete 2007 CBR1000RR for $2k with a bad motor (need that rich uncle, anyone). It is SO CLEAN! I would love to test out that great handling on my personal electric. I should build one of each and do some exstensive testing in the name of science. Just need to convience someone to fund this project.