View Full Version : Is it likely for Electric Motor Sport to "make good" on this hidden defect

16 March 2011, 1117
One of the Electric Motor Sport 4-cell BMS boards was incomplete, right from Electric Motor Sport.

The battery packs were slightly difficult to get at, requiring removing hard-to-reach bolts.

Now, we see that one of the BMS boards is missing the yellow wire connector on one end. This is the BMS board that doesn't have the two LED lights on.

Question - Is it likely for Electric Motor Sport to "make good" on this hidden defect?

16 March 2011, 1215
One of the BMS boards is a master board and to the best of my knowledge will only have one light on.

What yellow wire connector? Do you have a picture?

16 March 2011, 1516
Mr. NonPolluter,
Please don't pollute this forum with innuendo and rumor. If you wish to share your bad experiences, please do so in a constructive and factual manner.
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16 March 2011, 1533
I don't know if this helps or not, but attached is a photo of the Modus master board from my bike as installed and a photo of it removed from the battery pack and another photo of the underside of the board.

I gave all of my "slave" boards to my daughter (the master board was toast and an attempt to repair it failed) and she is going to try to sell them on Craigslist - however I am not too sure how much of a market there is for those things at the moment. (The slave boards seemed to be working just fine.)

As for EMS responding to your request for a warranty claim, or to repair an apparent design or construction defect, why don't you contact them and let us know how that works out.