View Full Version : New CA legislation will require more renewable energy

30 March 2011, 1505
An article in my newspaper titled "Raising the bar on clean energy" by Dana Hull, reports that California's state legislature yesterday approved a new law that will require the state's utilities to obtain 33% of their power from renewal resources by 2020. The law is expected to be signed by Governor (Moonbeam) Brown.

Currently the state's three largest utility companies obtain 18% of their electricity from wind farms, solar power plants, geothermal and biomass facilities. Critics claim that the law will drive up the cost of electrical power in the state.

30 March 2011, 1513
They argue that, but what happens when they can't generate enough electricity right now?

rolling blackouts/brownouts, power outages or they have to BUY power from places like Oregon, Nevada, Washington in order to keep the grid alive.

Sounds to me like paying a little more to be able to supply your own energy AND harm the environment less is a good idea.

30 March 2011, 1559
Our state is so screwed up, no one is going to notice a blackout or two. I would say that it is the thought that counts. If it doesn't work out, the legislature will change the law so that it does work.

30 March 2011, 1618
That gives the utility companies 11 years to dismantle the law. Rest assured, they'll raise prices anyway. They need to pay their lawyers.