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02 May 2011, 0431
Lawless EV Racing's Rocket drag bike posted it's best time ever at Virginia Motorsports Park on Saturday with a run of 7.13 secs at 187 MPH. The official NEDRA 1/4 mile record was bettered as well and now stands at 7.24 secs at 185 MPH. The new High Tech Systems 1.2 MW pack performed flawlessly. Thank you to everyone who helped make the day happen. Lawless Industries, High Tech Systems, Larry and Steve McBride, Virginia Motorsports Park, Orange County Choppers, Brock's Performance, Cafe Electric, and many others. For anyone interested there is a complete story on the Yahoo NEDRA group page, http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/NEDRA/message/9840

Shawn Lawless

02 May 2011, 0440
Great news!

Getting closer to that 200 mark!!

02 May 2011, 0535
i like to say to the Lawless team and Juiced - Thank You...

you fellows have been a great inspiration to me and others, the EV world is growing and will finally take its place like it should because of members like yourself...


Nuts & Volts
02 May 2011, 0753
Great News! Keep it up Mr. Lawless