View Full Version : Lease a Brammo Enertia?

24 August 2010, 1619
Does anyone know if Brammo plans on leasing an Enertia?
Since they announced the Empulse, I wonder how much sales they lost because people are waiting for them to start selling the Empulse and holding off on buying the Enertia. Would a one year lease on an Enertia make sense?
Or are the demographics for buyers of Enertia and Empulse so different that they don't overlap?

24 August 2010, 1718
Best Buy had/has a program through HSBC that offers a two year payment plan on an Enertia with no interest. You might find someone who would want a used Enertia after one year, but I expect it would really need to be discounted to account for that use.

Nearly all the Enertia owners I know would or will buy an Empluse, so there is an overlap.

25 August 2010, 1031
It might be possible even without Brammo or Best Buy offering it. Sparta Commercial Services (http://www.spartacommercial.com/content/products.php) has a program. They say its for new bikes 600cc and larger - but I would take that to mean new bikes that cost the same as most 600cc or larger bikes. I doubt the rebates/incentives available in California would apply on a lease though.

25 August 2010, 1440
I checked out the website and the minimum length of the lease is 24 months.
This probably would not work for people who want to lease the Enertia until the Empulse comes out.
If Brammo is true to their word, Empulse will be available starting mid 2011 so the ideal lease should be about 12 months.