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17 May 2011, 2055
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"Researchers at the University of Missouri and the Idaho National Laboratory have demonstrated a new method of capturing solar power. Rather than using semiconductors to capture photons of sunlight, they fabricated small coiled antennae (several um square) that resonate with the wave nature of light. The antennae are tuned towards midrange infrared light (5-10 um), which is abundant on our cozy-warm Earth even at night. They also demonstrated a way to imprint these coils on a substrate, like how CDs or vinyl records are produced, but could be scaled to roll-to-roll mass production. The usual caveat applies: it may be 5-10 years until this could hit the market."

18 May 2011, 0740
Well, that is a little different. :confused: An antennae that resonates with the wave frequency of light? If I recall correctly, light waves are very short and matching an antennae to its frequency must be quite a technical accomplishment. It might be difficult for the Chinese to build these antennae accurately enough to make them work properly when sold through Home Depot or Walmart. :rolleyes:

I wonder if they would also work as a TV antennae so that I could get out from under the Comcast thumb? :)