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Aaron Lephart
16 August 2010, 2248
Improvement ideas!

More rigid turn signals
On more then one occasion I have taken the right rear signal off its mount when demounting the bike with riding boots on. And the front left turn signal bounces going down the road to much in my opinion. The signal is not loose, I already checked. And the right front signal bounces the same amount but is hidden my the brake master cylinder.

Charging port
Simply plugging the bike in without lifting the seat would be great!

Larger rear fender
The rear fender does not do a reasonable enough job keeping debris off the underside of the bike!

Seat latch
Simply "popping" the seat with a key and not having to use 2 hands to undo. Also putting the seat on springs so that it "pops" up. Also please redesign the front seat latch. Either the piece on the bike or the piece on the seat keeps getting bent because it's hard to line up!

Turning off headlight
I would love the ability to turn off the headlight while the Brammo drive is engaged.

Small rearview mirrors
I think the rearview mirrors are too small! Offset the larger wind resistance with incorporating turn signals into the mirrors!

I think the steering has to narrow a range from lock to lock. It makes parking lot maneuvers more difficult.

Side stand
I find it difficult to locate at times. I would suggest a small standoff pin to make it more visible. I would also make the resting pad a little larger. The pad is so small and the weight is so great that it often times marks the concrete where it rests.

Please add threaded inserts for the use of a “race style” swingarm stand. I have sold hundreds of these stands and believe them to be superior to the “cushion pad style” stands.

Lower triple clamp
Please add a center hole on the lower triple clamp for the use of a front stand. This type of stand has better clearance for wheel removal and allows more advanced users to remove the forks.

Front fender
It seems to me the front fender has A LOT of space between the tire and the fender. I can easily put my whole hand in there! This cannot be good for aerodynamics.

Different motor maps
I would love the ability to switch between different motor maps. Have one for performance and have one that limits acceleration and top speed to extend the range. Let good throttle control find the happy medium!

Rear brake regeneration
You have already "spent" the energy to move the bike forward. Why not try and recapture some of that during braking? I would only want this on the rear wheel however. For ease of implementation, and to not upset the suspension during certain situations.

Dual trip meters with auto reset
It would be nice to have dual trip meters. And after the bike reaches 100% S.O.C. during recharge that one of the trip meters reset's. It would be nice to also have a Kwh reading for the trip meter!

Front fork preload ajustment
It would be nice at the very least to have preload ajustments for the front forks.

Steering head rake angle
The bike rides at speed like a much smaller bike. The wheelbase is average so that would lead be to believe the steering head rake angle is to narrow (@ 24 degrees). A small rake angle is great at low speed but @ 60+MPH its a bit sketchy. (THIS HAS BEEN UPDATED! I NOW BELIEVE THIS IS ATTRIBUTED TO THE HIGH PSI IN THE TIRES CAUSEING A SMALL CONTACT PATCH)

S.O.C. communication device
To remotely view the Enertia's S.O.C. during the recharge cycle. Rather then make ths an "app" for a smartphone I would rather have a display I could put in my pocket to view it. This would be helpful when charging it in the garage and I am upstairs, or @ a coffee shop when I am inside.

Charging mode
Please allow the ability to enter recharge mode without having to remember to turn off the headlight!

Please work with tire manufactures to develop a low rolling resistance tire, but still has grip in the turns! Not just overinflate a standard tire to its maximum rated pressure. The harshness in the ride quality can directly be attributed to the high tire PSI.

Cover for under the tailight
The wiring and taillight sockets are exposed to the road debris. Make a cover for this area. (Also possible fix by larger rear fender)

Speed up the Enertia's start up sequence
Part of consumers ability to adapt to new technologies is to make them as similar as possible to other items they may be familiar with. For motorcyclists this involves being able to turn the key and go in the shortest time possible. While it may seem routine. Making sure headlight is on, having to cycle the run switch from on/off and the dashboard booting all takes time. Anything that can be done to speed this up would be great.

Torque specifications
Please provide normal maintenance torque values in the owner’s manual. Every other motorcycle manufacture I have ever owned had torque values printed right in the owner’s manual. Front axle pinch bolts, rear axle nut are values that all owners should have.

Increase front brake disc brake pad swept area
The swept area on the front brake disc is not fully used. I would estimate it at 75% contact. Although it is still benefits from a larger brake disc to keep cool.

O-ring chain
Please use a standard 420 O-ring type chain. It will stay lubricated longer and I believe it to be superior.

Target power use screen
Allow the rider to set a fixed target similar to the peak power use screen. Once that target % is reached, cue the rider with flashing the green lights. I originally thought of a small buzzer, like the one I want for the turn signals. But that would get annoying. This would encourage better driving efficiency.

All the best,
Aaron Lephart

17 August 2010, 0732
Those are really great and well thought-out ideas, Aaron. Unfortunately, I suspect that Brammo is more involved in developing the new Empulse and setting up a production line for the new bike. My guess is that any of your suggested improvements to the Enertia are going to have to wait for a while before Brammo is ready to tackle some of these items.

My other question would be how much longer Brammo will be making the Enertia after the Empulse goes on sale. They have a great platform in the Enertia, but the EV technology is moving so fast that I wonder what direction EV marketing will take for the Brammo line. Whatever happens it will be interesting to watch and to be a customer of this exciting product.

17 August 2010, 0937
My other question would be how much longer Brammo will be making the Enertia after the Empulse goes on sale.

Brammo does intend to keep manufacturing the Enertia after the Empulse is released. The plan is that some of the technology improvement ideas from the Empulse will be passed down to the next generation Enertia. Brammo is planning to have many different product options for consumers.

17 August 2010, 1638
If they can't get the mileage and speed up in the Enertia it is as good as dead.
The Empluse looks like a winner to me :)

17 August 2010, 1651
If they can't get the mileage and speed up in the Enertia it is as good as dead.
The Empluse looks like a winner to me :)

I disagree. There should still be a strong market for bikes like the Enertia in the future but the price will need to come down to be competitive with bikes like the Empulse.

I do believe, as Phantom says, the technology that is used in the Empulse will trickle into the Enertia and I wouldn't be surprised to see next years Enertia models have more range and speed than the 2010 models, however a lower priced model with the current specs may be more appealing to customers looking to use it strictly for commuting and/or short rides around town. Not everybody is a canyon carver on the weekend.

20 August 2010, 0800
If they can't get the mileage and speed up in the Enertia it is as good as dead.
The Empluse looks like a winner to me :)

I thought the same, but you would be surprised at the niche the Enertia has!