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25 August 2010, 2230

Motorcycle.com Best of 2010 Awards (http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/bmw/motorcyclecom-best-of-2010-awards-89890.html)

By Motorcycle.com (http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/bmw/motorcyclecom-best-of-2010-awards-89890.html) Staff on Aug. 25, 2010, Photography by Motorcycle.com Archives

Best Electric Motorcycle

Brammo’s Enertia is the most thoroughly developed example of a new type of motorcycle – the Electric Motorcycle – for which Motorcycle.com this year created an additional category on its home page. The Enertia won our first Electric Motorcycle Shootout in part because it comes with high-quality components throughout and costs 20% less than its next closest competitor, the Zero S/DS. While still catching flak by the uninitiated for its price-to-performance ratio, industry insiders openly wonder how Brammo can make a profit at $7,995, considering its uncompromised build list. The good news for consumers is, once they get past that debatably high price, they are free to discover this machine costs so little to own and operate, it makes a 100-mpg scooter look like wretched excess. Although it remains a niche product with its roughly 20 to 40-mile range, the Enertia nevertheless fits the needs of some suburban and city commuters, is gaining a loyal following, and is a positive first step that paves the way for more to come.

Honorable Mention – Electric Motorsport's Native S

Best Technology - Electric Motorcycles

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