View Full Version : A record year for CA rooftop solar

06 July 2011, 1350
An article in my newspaper, written by Dana Hull of the Mercury News, reports that 2010 was a record year for homeowners and businesses installing rooftop solar panels. Californians installed 194 MW of new solar electric generating equipment in 2010, a 47% increase over 2009, according to a report released yesterday by the CA Solar Initiative.

The California Solar Initiative's road map calls for 1,750 new MW of solar power to be installed on residential and commercial roofs in the state by 2016. Through the end of the first quarter of 2011, California had an estimated 924 MW of rooftop solar power installed on nearly 95,000 sites - putting it halfway to meeting the 2016 goal.

For residential systems smaller than 10 kW, inflation-adjusted prices have declined from $10.45 per watt to $8.55 per watt since the start of the program in January 2007.