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19 July 2011, 0923
Ever look at one of these web pages from a self-proclaimed harbinger of the "future of electric motorcycles" and think to yourself that these clowns are damaging the credibility of the existing electric motorcycle industry, not helping the idea of electric motorcycles, and basically, not helping the EV cause at all?

Tell me why that thought runs through my head when I look at this page:


Maybe I'm just being a dick about this - I've been accused of worse.

19 July 2011, 0948
I agree 100%. Total hype and misinformation. It looks like the (.co) is a Columbian domain. They should create a new domain .con for sites like this.

19 July 2011, 1013
"18+ battery life" what are the units? Years? Months? Laps?

"450 FT. of torque" Units are wrong

"over 175MPH" Possible, but I say "prove it"

19 July 2011, 1023
Re: the 450 FT. of Torque. That's 50 more (I assume) foot-pounds than Yates' bike and he needs anti-wheelie software.

Oh, and the "18+ battery life" is obviously a reference to the fact that the battery can only be shown to adults - no kiddies. ;)

One more very obvious typo right where they don't want it to be. Who will find it? :D

19 July 2011, 1028
they can't tell the difference between YOUR and YOU'RE.....

19 July 2011, 1037
they can't tell the difference between YOUR and YOU'RE..... Bingo. And right where they're asking you to invest. This is the kind of thing that can sink a new company. What this tells me is that they do not pay attention to detail. Do I want to invest in or ride a motorcycle built by a company that doesn't sweat the small stuff?

By the way, I'm really bummed to hear that you're not going to be at the races this weekend, Travis. (I know, probably not as bummed as you are).

19 July 2011, 1041
It's a good drive to go down, and since I was planning vacation for the PIR trip, I couldn't take off to go down for this....

Oh well, I'm gonna set aside money for 2012, might even trailer a bike or something.

19 July 2011, 1100
I hope it's a race I'll be able to attend.

I was really hoping for a re-do of this picture, which was taken by our own Tango, and during which, you were sitting next to me. But you didn't make the final, edited cut.

22 July 2011, 0727
plus i really like the toy motorcycle they use in the photo...

22 July 2011, 1348
Looks like they read elmoto ... spelling and ft-lbs corrected!
As for the 450 ft-lbs, to be fair that's probably about right. Most current 600 sports can do 500+ at the wheel in 1st. Yates must just be a girl :)

22 July 2011, 1416
Haha, awesome!

But most bikes don't advertise wheel ftlbs, they advertise motor ftlbs, since there's a transmission.....

it's all about the audience.