View Full Version : Thinking of buying a brammo inertia plus?

26 July 2011, 1625
Hey all,
About a month ago I totaled my venture :( Now I need a new bike and I am actually thinking of buying a new brammo inertia plus ?? I am wondering just how big is a Brammo inertia? how would it compare to a 1984 Honda cb900f?? (btw a cb900f I look like a joke and feel cramped on it??)

26 July 2011, 1657
When I sat on an Enertia at Best Buy, it felt a lot like my old GPz305, but a little taller. Definitely a lot smaller than a CB900f.

26 July 2011, 1702
thanks ZS. My coworker had a gpz 1300(not shure but it was abigger motor??) nice looking bike!

10 January 2015, 0416
Motor mount is also done, but don't have any pictures yet. I am hoping to practice some welding this weekend along with cutting the rest of the metal for the battery boxes. Working on a wiring diagram this week. Hacking Noah's diagram to create my own, thanks buddy!

10 January 2015, 1140
both Brammo (Enertia and Empulse ) are really small
mostly because when those bike were designed the trend was to make bike as smallest as possible , especially sport bike

anyway is not so small to be uncomfortable

10 January 2015, 1236
The Enertia that I rode was a small bike but the seating position would accommodate a tall rider. In fact it felt like they designed it so a 6' rider could sit with their legs bent less than 90 degrees, I'm 5'9" and it felt like a dirt bike with lowered suspension, quite comfortable for commuting but not my cup-o-tea.