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29 August 2010, 0953
I was looking at the Quantya transmission as to why they use a 2 stage system, first belt then chain. It looks like it's nothing more than to allow a jack shaft to be centred on the swingarm pivot so as to prevent chain stretch / slack when landing jumps etc.
(maybe to allow standardised whhel sprockets as well?)

Anyway, this interesting mod. for a freewheel clutch came up ..


As an aside, some of the Quantya dirt riders are apparently replacing the initial belt section with chain as mud builds up on the toothed wheel, increasing the effective diameter until the belt snaps!


29 August 2010, 1036
Hey Rob.

Interesting idea but the link in your post is .....um....Dead


Thanks Ed, I've err Edded it :)

p.s. This is a repost from July 05 2010