View Full Version : Anybody seen this electric street fighter?

05 August 2011, 1002

Pretty cool, but I'm sure it will be ridiculously expensive.

05 August 2011, 1016
Been posted a few times. The styling is a matter of taste (or lack of it).

05 August 2011, 1251
12kWh pack, up to 185 mile range? Really? Hmmmm...

05 August 2011, 1437
*cough* bull**** *cough*

05 August 2011, 1508
Nah, 185 miles on 12kWh is really possible! Let's see... 12kW divided by 185 miles is 65Watts per mile or 41Watts per kilometer. My own bike (slightly bigger and heavier, but certainly more streamlined) is projected to achieve that energy consumption at 40km/h or 25mph (with no headwinds and all flat terrain). However, from this I deduce that the Sora is supposed to be ridden as a big electric moped, and not really aiming to "fight" in the streets.

05 August 2011, 1514
they say 300km/charge, and 200km/hr :O

05 August 2011, 1517
I don't know anywhere I would drive that would be 185 miles at 25 mph with no stop and go action. But hey I'm ready to be amazed and sure wouldn't turn down a chance to check it out. Even getting near 120 miles (as much range as many of my motorcycles got on a full tank of fuel) would be awesome for most of us.