View Full Version : What is the battery charger hookup on a GPR-S from Electric Motor Sports?

31 August 2010, 0900
If you have a GPR-S electric motorcycle, are there two connections from the battery charger to the GPR-S battery pack?

Do you have an XLR port and one that looks like a computer's 110V power cord socket?

If so, what are the voltage readings (before you charge) on the socket that is not the charge input?

Thanks in advance for this info.

31 August 2010, 1503
I am confused by your question (don't know what an XLR port is), but I will attach photos of the 2008 GPR-S charger and a 2009 sepex GPR-S charger. Perhaps these photos will help answer your question. If you see one on the 2009 bike let me know, but right now my bike is being charged as I recently returned from a 25-mile ride over hill and dale.

01 September 2010, 1946
Thanks, Richard230.

On the Native Z6 Lithium, the charger isn't installed on the frame, like yours.

Your photos were helpful. The red light on the piggybacked relay shows that the relay is receiving 4-32V from the BMS control board. If no voltage, the relay won't turn on the charger.

The wires on the GRP-S are on conduits. On the Native, some of the wires are loose and hang about.

The wires on the GPR-S from the control board to the battery charger relay looks like it will hold up to road vibration.

Can you advise if the control board is mounted on rubber grommets on your motorcycle?

02 September 2010, 0731
It doesn't look like the Sevcon controller on my bike is mounted with rubber grommets.

02 September 2010, 0746
(don't know what an XLR port is)

XLR connectors are the standard connector for line and mic level audio cables. They are also commonly used as charging ports on e-scooters and e-bikes.281

02 September 2010, 1454
I don't think either of my GPR-S vehicles had any of those types of connectors.

02 September 2010, 2219
The GPR-S has an onboard charger. The Native Z6 has the same charger but is not attached. The male XLR is on the charger and the female is on the scooter, much like the first Currie ebikes and e-scooters. They last 2-3 years of use.