View Full Version : National Cycle Deflector Screen DX on the GPR-S

31 August 2010, 1904
I like a small windshield on my motorcycles. A very versatile windshield is the National Cycle Deflector Screen DX. It fits many different motorcycles with tube-type handlebars and works just fine on the GPR-S. I have been using it on my GPR-S for about 1000 miles and it does a nice job of cutting the wind on my chest and smoothing the flow over my body. It does not cause any buffeting.

What I really like about this windshield is that it has a multi-adjustable quick detachable mounting system that lets you remove the windshield in just a few seconds, should you wish to ride "naked" or work on your bike without the windshield getting in the way. The DX windshield mounts using large plastic knobs that allow you to remove the windshield in seconds just by unscrewing the two knobs with your hands, should you wish to ride without it. National Cycle's web site is: www.nationalcycle.com The windshield sells for around $90, depending upon where you purchase it.

Attached are photos of the windshield mounted on my GPR-S: