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07 November 2011, 0855
By George Wong on Nov 7, 2011
Published on Ubergizmo (http://www.ubergizmo.com/2011/11/moto-undone/)

It’s not every day you see an interesting motorcycle, but how about one that’s hard to see? A designer by the name of Joey Ruiter thought it would be a great idea to do so with his motorcycle project called Moto Undone. Stripping away everything but the bare essentials, leaving nothing behind but its wheels, engine and handlebars, he created an “invisible” motorcycle.By using reflective sheets of metal to house the internals of the motorcycle and to act as a seat, it creates an illusion of an invisible bike, with the rider floating on top of it.

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07 November 2011, 0920
It seems like the last thing you would want to do would be make a motorcycle that's even harder for other vehicles to see :/
my $0.02

07 November 2011, 0948
I like it. At least the novel approach of creating something more art than motorcycle. Pretty sure it's a death trap, but it ranks up there with any other custom bike out there as far as I'm concerned.

07 November 2011, 1006
Ditto with Dave on the novelty. Double ditto on the Death Trap.

07 November 2011, 1154
Well, this isn't an motorycle, it's a design excercise. Who would ever want to buy or ride a square mirror down the road.
I actually brought this concept up in class a few weeks ago (Design, form and theory) and it was met with a pretty positive collective attitude. Some called it neat, others beautifull, but all agreed that it was and is an excercise to provoke and enlighten the collective mind as to what a motorcycle actually is in a design context.

07 November 2011, 1200
A sudden grab of the brakes will certainly redefine the term "close shave".

07 November 2011, 1430
Slick as a brick....

sorry, it had to be said...

Novel? yes.... Scary as hell to ride in traffic? yes.