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02 December 2011, 1042

02 December 2011, 1051
This company has a variety of kits setup for RV and Marine applications.


Jack Riggi
02 December 2011, 1710
Hello Sean, I bought a solar cell 15 years ago in Arizona for my RV I don't use my RV anymore so now I put the solar cell on top of my minibike it works great it's so old there's no name on it and I'm not sure what it is but it looks real close to the Uni-Solar's flexible cells, when I did use it on my RV, if I was going to be somewhere for some time I would just climb up on the roof using the back latter and set it up on the roof. Never had any problem with the wind blowing it off or anything like that. Even though it wasn't that big or powerful you'd be surprised if the suns out all day how could keep the two house batteries completely charged up no problem it was great! Batteries never run out and then when I was ready to leave most of the time I had to go up on top of the roof anyway to put stuff back in the travel box I had on the roof I would just unplug it put it back in the motor home cruise down the road again and then when I needed it put it back up again. I never even thought about permanently putting it up with any screws of any type, no need to put any holes in the roof. I guess if you didn't want to go up and down you could leave it on the roof and instead of screwing it down and putting holes in the roof you could glue it down real good and then silicone around the edges to keep it in place no problem. Should last stay on there for at least a couple years before it needed re-glued siliconed. If you put it behind your air conditioner I don't think you have any problem with the wind blowing it off either. I know that El Moto is a motorcycle discussion group but I put a blog about my patented designed RV awning to see kind of what everyone thought about it and so far only 30 people in one day have even looked at it and not even one person has replied or answered anything about what do you think of it? When I asked the question so I don't know many people will answer this about solar cells on your RV but I thought I would answer you and let you know what I did with my RV. Anyway if you get a chance Sean while it's still on the form page do me a favor and click on the post (USF -ECAP report and pictures of my electric EV awning) I should've put RV awning but I made a mistake, and and let me know what you think about my I think you'll agree it's really different. At one time before I quit working on it I had the concept of putting about 1500 flexible solar cells that would've rolled up on the awning and I would've had enough power to actually run the air conditioner, watched TV and still be able to charge and keep the full battery but I just didn't have the extra thousands of dollars it would cost to do it. I even got a $19,000 discount from one of the solar companies with some older cells they had that would've worked for only $4000 but I just didn't have the $4000 at the time. Anyway I think the Uni-Solar's flexible cells would work just fine good luck

03 October 2012, 0020
A solar-power system has no moving parts, makes no noise or smell and requires little maintenance.Settle on where you intend to install the panels on the RVís roof. Determine how you plan to install wiring going to the panels and their necessary fittings.

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