View Full Version : Roehr eSuperSport now at Hollywood Electrics!

04 September 2010, 1659
Hollywood Electrics now has the Roehr eSuperSport in stock and available for test rides. With 100mph top speed, this is the fastest production electric motorcycle available!


04 September 2010, 1708

04 September 2010, 1742
It is great to see Roehr hit the consumer market. What is the retail price and manufacturer specifications for the eSuperSport? What sort of time between ordering and delivery is anticipated?

I am still trying to come to grips with the technical progress that apparently has upped the maximum speed of production street-legal electric motorcycles from around 60 mph to 100 mph with the past two years. That is quite a jump in performance within a very short period of time.

04 September 2010, 1801
MSRP for the eSuperSport is $16,965. We have one in stock ready to be delivered. You looking for a new ride Richard? :)

05 September 2010, 0658
If I lived near your shop I might very well be interested in the eSuperSport. But I now know that after-market service and support are the primary things that I require from an electric motorcycle because of my lack of technical expertise regarding electrical propulsion systems. I know I can get that kind of support locally from Brammo. Unfortunately, at the moment there are no other EV dealers in my area that provide the kind of knowledge and enthusiastic interest in electric motorcycles that you apparently have Harlan. But let us know if anyone buys an eSuperSport and suggest to them that they become a member of El Moto so that they can let us know how much fun they are having on the Roehr.