View Full Version : Is this fuse good for anything or should I just throw it away?

Jack Riggi
21 January 2012, 1858
I found these two fuses the big one says 350 amps & 300 volt, I would like to know if maybe the smaller one might be okay to use on 72 V DC, here is the information, Brush-rectifier fuse, symbol & amp RFA 150, 130 volt's or less A.C. can or will it work for my 72volt dc system? Also in the other picture with my finger pointing towards a fusible link of 55 Amps rating and my thumb on excess positive power wire. Before I bothered cut the excess wire off is there a need that I am missing for what I could use this extra power wire for? I believe that fuse was used in the starter circuit for the original gas motor. Is it big enough, 56 amps for the low-voltage system wires for the contactor? If it is not good for anything I need I will just take it off and scrap it also.