View Full Version : What's up with Roehr Motorcycles?

11 February 2012, 2310
The website for Roehr Motorcycles has been offline for a couple of weeks. Anyone know what's up?


12 February 2012, 1230
Hello Folks,
Just want everyone to know that Roehr Motorcycles LLC has officially closed its doors. The most significant factor was the week economy. There was plenty of excitement and interest in the EV field, but unfortunately not enough that actually translated into sales.
I'm still optimistic about the future of the electric motorcycle, however, unless the economic conditions improve for working class people (the majority of motorcycle owners), and significant improvements in battery cost and power density, it's going to be a while before an EV manufacturer can become sustainable.
Thanks for everyone's support, I hope to be back one day

12 February 2012, 1252
I sure loved the look of your upcoming bike....

12 February 2012, 1327
I'm very sorry to hear that Walter. I'm sure it was a painful decision.
We appreciate your passion and vision for the future of motorcycling.

12 February 2012, 1357
dammit. Best wishes, Walter.

13 February 2012, 0905
That's a serious bummer Walter. Good luck with your future endeavors.

BTW, did you get rid of your e-components? I bet some folks here would be willing to pay a fair price for your stuff.

13 February 2012, 0930
Very sorry to hear
it's so true average folks (me included) are just trying to keep the roof over our heads, food on the table and keep the kids in school.
If you're not selling to the government or the rich on an international level - well its super hard, not impossible but hard.

good luck Walter, I wish you the best